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Neon LED Cloud Decor, $100.00 from West Elm Save Pin It A neon letter light
is a colorful way to personalize a room without breaking your bank accounts. You might even use a few to spell something out short.

If you love the notion of a color-drenched room but aren’t a fan of gaudy signs, then this simple LED lighting is the solution for you. Designed to look like a neon tubing and reminiscent of the minimalist function of fluorescent artist Dan Flavin, simply prop this clean-lined LED light vertical from a wall to cast a colorful glow throughout a space. See More

Soothing Neon Sign Purchase: Relax Neon Acrylic Box LED Signal, $69.99 $59.49 out of American Art Decor Input Prism See More Pictures Credit: Hay Credit: Urban Outfitters Interested in trying out a neon light at home? From
neon sign-inspired table lamps to app-enabled color-changing light bulbs, all these 10 affordable yet stylish neon light options will satisfy your rooms with colour — no paint needed! Purchase: Neon Tube LED, $55.00 from HAY 1. Simple Tube Light. Smart
Light Bulb Enter Prism See More Pictures Charge: Burke Decor Pin It Purchase: Small Cactus Neon Light, $30.00 from Burke Decor To
cast a color-saturated shine throughout a room without taking up any additional space, pop up a color-changing LED light bulb into
a pendant light, table lamp, or overhead flush bracket. This Bluetooth-enabled light bulb joins to an app on your smartphone,
where you are able to pick an array of colors and intensities to create your own custom lighting scheme. Credit: Etsy Neon lights are being a second in the design world, and for a great reason. Since neon lights and shade-shifting bulbs may cast a vibrant glow onto your walls, so they permit you to create a brightly-hued space at home on demand for a fraction of the cost of painting.
Additional after installation, all this transformation takes is a movie of a switch. “As we spend more time indoors, individuals
are searching for ways to reevaluate their distances using glowing, color-drenched lighting for superbly darkened appearances,”
states Swasti Sarna, an insights manager at Pinterest. “Neon lights and signs are a creative way to brighten up a space and uplift the mood” A neon sign on the wall over your bed is a smart approach to create a more ambient bedroom setting. This dreamy cloud-shaped neon LED lighting will cast a warm glow throughout the bedroom when providing a touch of illumination for night
activities like reading. Charge: West Elm Post Image Save Save Pin It Save A cute cactus lamp can brighten up a dim area with
nature-inspired vibes in lieu of a leafy green houseplant. This retro-style table lamp is shaped like a saguaro cactus and casts a
cool neon green light to boot. Credit: American Art Decor Enter Prism See More Images Save Pin It Save Buy: Outstanding Ideas
Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb, $18.00 from Urban Outfitters Turn your bedroom into a calm oasis with a soothing blue neon sign that
reminds one to kick back and chill out. “Pinners are focused on creating a serene bedroom area, and neon signs with words
like’relax’ let you slip into mindfulness,” Sarna states.



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