Custom Neon signs

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2 min readJul 15, 2021

Neon has been the leading light source since its conception. No wonder custom neon signs uk are so in demand today.

What is NEON?

What exactly is a neon sign, you ask? Our glassbenders will take your original design and heat it over an open flame. The glass is bent to the desired shape and pumped with neon depending on the colour.

After aging in, your piece will be connected to a supply to ensure there are no impurities. The vacuum is also checked for leaks.

neon cave prides itself on quality custom neon signs uk . We want you to love your sign, which is why neon cave has put in many processes to ensure it is.

As soon as we get in touch with you, one of our estimators will work hard to gather as much information as we can. These details are then used to create an estimate, which you will receive so that you can be certain everything is correct.

Once you’ve completed an estimate, your information is sent along with any images or files that were provided to our designers. After completing the estimate, our designers will send you a graphical representation to your sign. It will be labelled and filled out with all of the information you provided. This will ensure that we are fully understanding your needs at each step. After you approve the design, it will be sent down to our experienced shop to be manufactured.

We use a paper template so that every piece of your custom neon signs conforms to the design. You can add your name, initials or business vision to make a neon sign. There are many fonts, sizes and colors available. Our team of creative professionals can provide design suggestions or assistance.

You can be sure of high-quality and timely delivery. But you also have the flexibility of custom-designed neon signs to make your space unique. Because we hand-craft them, only the finest quality LED neon piping is used. It’s guaranteed to last at least a decade. This eco-friendly LED neon strip has been smartly designed to last at minimum 10 years.

The sign can be mounted on a clear acrylic backingboard. It connects to the 5-meter-long clear power cord. The sign is strong and durable thanks to the power bank that includes a plug.



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