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Neon lighting is making waves in the design world and with good reason. Because the neon lights and bulbs that change shade can create an ethereal glow on the walls of your home, they enable you to make a brightly-hued area at home at a fraction of the expense of painting. Additionally, once installed all it takes only a flip of a switch. “As we spend more time indoors, people are looking for ways to reinvent their spaces with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks,” says Swasti Sarna, the insights management manager for Pinterest. “Instagram Neon logo lights and signs are a creative way to brighten up a room and uplift the mood.”

Are you interested in trying an in-home neon light? From neon-themed table lamps to apps-powered lighting bulbs that change color The following 10 budget-friendly and stylish neon light fixtures can fill your home with hues of color. No painting required!

1. Simple Tube Light

If you like the idea of a bright, colorful room but don’t like neon-colored signs that flash and lights, this LED light is for you. The design is reminiscent of the shape of a neon tube and to remind of the minimalist designs of the fluorescent creator Dan Flavin, simply prop this sleek LED light up against the wall and it will cast an ethereal glow across the room.

2. Soothing Neon Sign

Make your bedroom an oasis of calm by installing a tranquil blue neon sign, which reminds you to relax and unwind. “Pinners are focused on creating a calm bedroom space, and neon signs with words such as ‘relax’ allow you to slip into mindfulness,” Sarna states.

3. Smart Light Bulb

To create a vibrant, color-saturated glow all over a space without taking up additional space, you can put the LED light bulb with a changing color into a pendant light table lamp or an the overhead flush mounting. The light bulb that is Bluetooth-enabled is connected to an application that you can download on your phone and lets you select various shades and intensities to design your own personal lighting scheme.

4. Calming Cloud Light

A neon light fixture on the wall that is above your bed is an effective method to create an relaxing bedroom. The dreamy, cloud-shaped LED light will create an inviting glow across your bedroom, while adding some illumination for reading at night.

5. Little Cactus Lamp

A cute cactus lamp could make a room appear brighter by bringing nature-inspired vibes instead of a lush green houseplant. The table lamp in this retro style is designed to resemble the saguaro cactus, and emits an attractive neon green light in addition.

6. Letter Light

A neon light for letters can be a fun option to decorate a room without breaking your budget. The LED light with pink hues can be customized to fit the font you prefer and will set the price at $33. It is possible to use some to write the word “short.

7. Neon Table Lamp

Why should you waste space with the same old tables lamp when could get a unique, creative neon lamp for your nightstand? The table lamp-inspired LED sign is hand-crafted using real glass tubes, and offers ample lighting for your bedside.

8. Inspirational Message

A neon sign that has an inspiring message can create an impact in a space. “Pinners like to hang neon signs with motivational quotes above their desk or in their home gyms to stay inspired,” Sarna adds. “It’s all about doing what makes you feel good!”

9. Feel-Good Sign

Bring some positivity into your home by introducing an LED light that spreads the love. The heart-shaped LED neon sign can brighten up your wall with its cheerful design and is available in a choice of 12 shades.

10. Neon-Lit Mirror

A mirror that is full length and has neon lights can illuminate an area and give illusions of space. With its LED-powered lights that give off a bright light this floor mirror doesn’t just look like art nouveau but can assist in opening up a small space by visually expanding the space.



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