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The only thing you really need is the “will to do it”

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t own the right equipment or space to practice, or if you don’t want to spend the money.

The saying “Where there is will, there is way” is true.

Someone who has the will and determination to succeed at something will never doubt that he can or will achieve it. He will just remove all the obstacles in his way.

Never allow the notion that you are incapable of doing something to enter your mind.

Your setup is essential

This is because learning takes time. You can’t learn until you practice enough.

People go to neon schools (if they still exist), but they learn the basics of how to bend glasses, but the real learning comes when they practice it on their own.

I am starting to offer classes at my shop once again.

A teacher is also necessary.

You might need someone to guide you through the initial stages.

Glass Benders are reluctant to learn because they believe you will become their next competition.

If you persevere, you might find someone to teach you some lessons.

What are the steps to start the fires?

1.- Cross Fires

2.-Ribbon burner

3.- Hand Torch

4.- Blower

5.-Gas/air manifold

6.- A gas supply. Natural gas or propane gas?

Each neon sign started out as a straight 4 ft x 5 ft piece of glass tube.

18mm,20mm or 25mm

The pattern. This photo shows one pattern for a Buick neon signs and one for Budweiser. They are reversed because all bends have to be at the back of the sign, while the front is flat. Therefore, the glass bender is always compatible with the sign as seen from the rear.

The tools of a neon Glass bender are now in view.

Two pieces of glass together, weld electrodes to it. The hand torch is next.

Neon Hand Torch

It is used to connect two pieces of glass together.

Check out these Neon Glass Benders tools.

Blower hose to blow air into the glass after you have bent it

Weight Bag (to prevent glass moving while welding two parts together)

Level block (to measure the height of electrodes and keep them straight on those that go into pk Housings)

Radio headphones are an important tool for keeping creativity high and bending glass at the same time.

Coffee cup (coffee, the original energy beverage) — one in the morning, one around noon, and one around 6 pm if you are working late.

Electrode holder: Used to hold the electrode and weld it to the neon lamp

Use a marker pencil to mark the bends you desire

Glass Cutting File (used for cutting glass)

Calculator (to track the millions of dollars that you make)

Height block (to ensure an even height when neon signs are raised)

Flattener and Height Block (two uses) — Same as height block but can flatten a bend if needed

Next is the Ribbon Burner, which can be used to bend glass into curves. The ribbon burner measures 16" in length and has an aluminum part that slides.

Depending on the size of your sign, you may need the hand torch. After the sign is completed, it is connected with the manifold. This is a set or valves that controls the vacuum and gas that is released into the neon sign.

This process is called “bombarding”. It involves heating the neon tube to a specific temperature with electricity. Also, the vacuum pump removes any air from the unit. Heat also purifies the inner walls of unit so that gas (when injected) doesn’t react with impurities in the tube

After that, you can install a brand new neon sign.



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