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Neon lights Interior Design

The neon lighting creates a mood that is both nostalgic and futuristic. Neon lighting was a revolutionary invention that gave New York, Paris and Las Vegas their vibrant, nighttime glow. They can now be found inside buildings, shining in every space from offices to museums, and even sneaking into homes. Is that a good thing? Interior designers say it all depends.if you found Custom neon signs uk then click that one

Jenn Feldman, interior designer, says that neon lighting is a medium that’s alive. It allows you to feel the presence and energy of art in your space by turning it on or off physically. Feldman loves the personal touch of neon lighting and considers it timeless. Feldman suggested that lighting would be the best way to reflect Feldman’s mantra, “Change the story”. Feldman was a client of Feldman. Another client was concerned with the physicality and feel of her handwriting. “She wrote this thing on a piece paper during a meeting. I said, “I love the way you just wrote it; how do you propose we put it in our house?”


Alice Lane Interior Design believes that a neon sign is a good idea. But the real question is not whether you should or shouldn’t have one in your home. Instead, ask yourself what you will say about it. Suzanne Hall, vice president of the firm, says that neon is used in a traditional setting to draw attention to a place or brand. We help our clients recognize their brand and create that atmosphere in their interiors. Neon is a way to express your personal brand and lifestyle.

Chauncey Boothby is the designer who says that this trend is over. Boothby states that neon signs have flooded the market and are now teetering towards kitsch. Boothby suggests that you look at the 2020 runways’ highlighter colors for a sophisticated version of neon. Bright colors can be used as lighting accents with Urban Electric’s neon yellow pipe hang and forme fixtures.

Feldman advises that neon signs should be placed in an area that allows for it to breathe. Feldman convinced her client to move the neon sign from their bedroom to their living room. Feldman wanted the couple to be able share the conversational artifact, which reads “Because I love you,” because it is very important to them. She says, “I wanted them to see it more that just at night when their tired and go to bed.” She made it the focal point of their living space.

Hall suggests that putting a neon sign inside a formal room can add a fun, playful edge to it and give it some unpredictability.

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Bottom line: Neon signs can be used in design, if you feel the need. It can be replaced with brighter lights if it doesn’t fit your style. When it comes to design, we say: To each his own!