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Neon lighting can create a nostalgic yet futuristic mood. It was neon lighting that gave New York City, Paris, Las Vegas and other cities their nighttime glow in the decades after its discovery. They’ve even made it into our homes, shining inside of buildings. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? According to interior designers, it all depends.Get Neon Signs click that one link

Jenn Feldman, an interior designer, said that neon lighting allows for a medium that is alive. This allows you to physically turn it on and off and can feel the presence art in your home. It is timeless for her and she loves how personal neon lighting can be. Feldman suggested lighting the mantra of Feldman’s client “Change The Narrative” in her first home design. It was also about her handwriting. “She wrote the following thing on a piece a paper in a meeting. When I heard that, I said, “I love how you just written that. What do you think we should do with it?

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Alice Lane Interior Design doesn’t believe you need a neon sign for your home. The question is what message you want to convey with it. Suzanne Hall, the firm’s vice president, states that neon is seen in a traditional context. It is used to promote or draw attention. “In interior design we help clients to recognize their personal brand, and then work to create that feeling in their homes. Neon is considered a personal branding statement and a statement about a person’s lifestyle.

Chauncey Boothby, a designer, says the trend is dead. Boothby says that neon signs are overpriced and almost seem like kitsch. For a sophisticated take on neon, Boothby recommends looking at the highlighter colours that graced the 2020 runways. Bright colors can be used in lighting accents like Urban Electric’s neon-yellow pipe hang or forme fixtures.

Feldman suggests that neon should not be brought into your home without adequate ventilation. One of her clients convinced Feldman to move a neon sign out of the bedroom and into the living room. Feldman wanted to make sure that the couple could share their conversational artifact. The sign, which says “Because You Love Me”, means a lot to them. Feldman says that she wanted the couple to be able to see it all day, not just when they are tired or go to bed. It was the centerpiece of their living room.

Hall states that placing a neon sign in an otherwise formal space can give it a unique edge and add some humor to its design.

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Bottom line: Neon signs are a good option for design if it suits your style. If the neon sign doesn’t suit your style, you can use bright colors instead of bright lights. We always say, “To each his or her own” when it comes down to design.



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