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Lights are an integral part of any room. Whether they are the main determining factor in setting the mood, or part of the decoration they can bring out the best of a space. We are going to be focusing on neon lights today, as a bold decoration element for those who love an interior with an edge. Take a look at the neon lights below for inspiration and let these ideas inspire you!

Neon Lights in a Bedroom

You should choose lighting that is unique and dynamic for the place you sleep and rest. You don’t want to feel bored with your bedroom decor. When all other lights are out and the everything neon uk are dimming the room, you can use neon lights to make your bedroom unique and mysterious.


Style Made Simple’s gentle bedroom is elevated by the neon sign that hangs above the bed. It spells amour and perfectly matches the romantic, love-like interior.For More


Neon lights can be used to decorate a bedroom with two children. They act as extensions of the headboard and are a great way to make it unique.


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15 Powder Rooms That Showcase the Best Styles of the Season and Beyond

Are you tired of the standard bed light fixtures and looking for something more unique to decorate your bedroom? As seen on Apartment Therapy, a neon light is the best choice.


Because of their brightness and magical ability to keep monsters away, neon lights will be a hit with children. See how your child reacts to the newly illuminated space by choosing a funky motif, such as this Pac-Man neon lamp by Electric Confetti.


A neon crescent can be hung to enjoy a perfect sleep under the radiant moon every day of the month. Apartment Therapy’s combination of a brick wall with neon lights works extremely well.

A big neon sign is a focal point for a bedroom corner.

A focal point is essential in a large loft apartment. It gives purpose to the other parts of the space. It’s hard to find a more striking, vibrant, and pulsing neon sign than this! The sign not only marks the bedroom corner, but also highlights the living area. Housely allows you to see the entire space.

You can make your kitchen and dining area more lively with neon signs. Do not settle for bland dining areas or dull kitchens. Light up your home with neon lights, and enjoy the glow!

Brighten up your dining area with a neon sign! It’s a great way to make your guests crave your favorite foods. The pink neon lights look great with the rosy table. Photo by Photobucket.

Oh la la indeed! The Inside Out dining room would not be the same without the bright magenta neon sign that breaks the white decor. It adds some much-needed color to the space!

Neon lights work best in darker corners. It creates a cozy, pub-like environment that is inspiring and inviting. Apartment Therapy allows you to see it in person.

Neon Workspace Inspiration

Your workspace should be a place that inspires and encourages creativity, where you can share your game-changing ideas each day. Bright and vibrant neon lights will brighten up the area where you spend most your time every day, ensuring that your ideas never run out!

Neon signs are great because they can be used in place of motivational posters, such as this Miss Moss example.

You know how important it is to stay inspired, whether you work remotely or prefer to set up a creative workspace. These fluorescent lights against a white wall are what ignites the creative energy. Urban Outfitters.

The full potential of neon lights is to blend in with any environment they are placed in. You don’t need to make them too bright if they aren’t needed. They can also be used with subtle, delicate decor. This tiny corner of Electric Confetti is a beautiful example.

There are some corners in every home that stand out and make a statement in any room. These are the little places that may seem small or unimportant at first glance, but you can make them shine with well-chosen decor like bright neon lights.

Urban Outfitters will show you how neon lighting can make the most of small spaces in your living space. For example, a retro music spot, or a place for all your family’s old photos. Let the warmth of neon lighting awaken the nostalgia!

A neon sign will let you know that pink is your favorite color. It can be placed in a corner that’s dedicated to girly things. Refinery 29.


Although it is unusual, a neon house number evokes the feeling of a bar by displaying a large neon sign inviting customers in. Bright designlab’s neon exterior idea will make your front door look much more welcoming.


Hugs and kisses for you and your partner, glowing brightly with neon lights, lighting a romantic corner where you can keep the artifacts that reflect your love!


Although neon lights aren’t very common in bathrooms, it’s not impossible to make something new.

Living rooms are a place for socializing, relaxation, time with family, laughter, and, of course, living. You can make your living space feel alive and exhilarating by using neon lights, especially if you use them as a personal or witty sign that displays wisdom and wit.


No matter how bright your living space may seem, neon lights can add some extra light and make it more dynamic.


A glowing neon sign emitting red light can transform your living space from a random place to one that’s romantic. If you’d like to learn more, The Daily Mail visited Tamara Ecclestone’s PS70 million London mansion with 57 rooms.

Neon lights can make a dull living room look more lively and dynamic by adding a touch of color to it. This styling is from Emily Mughannam.

Neon decor’s beauty is its ability to be personalized and make your home unique. Flat 15 has this beauty.

Neon lights can add class and charm to a small space in your living area. You can extend the glowing light by adding a small, golden decoration element like the one we see at A Dash Of Fash.

Neon lighting can be beneficial for any space, even a quiet one. However, if you are looking for tranquility and subtle colors, opt for lights with a more neutral shape and less color. A little neon light above your head is enough to allow you to daydream.


This romantic, red living room is perfect for lovers who are looking to be forever together! This charming living room features a neon sign that blinds you. It’s the perfect place for love! Photo by Le Book.


A neon sign can be the perfect balance element in a neutral living space. It will brighten up the grey decor and give the room an air of youth. Architectural Design fell in love this sign and it is now a favorite feature. What about you?



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