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The neon sign is a bright, colorful and nostalgic lighting fixture that brightens up your home in a unique and fun way. Anyone who is looking to bring personality and style to their home or company, neon signs are a great choice.

You can make your own neon signs in your home or office.For More Please

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You can make your own neon signs with just a few tools, and simple step-by-step instructions.

You may be surprised at how affordable and fun it is to make your own neon sign.

What are neon signs?

The classic neon signs are made of flexible, sealed glass tubes that have been filled with inert gases. These tubes can be bent and twisted to make a word or shape, and are usually powered by electricity. Plugged in, electrons flow through the gas making the atoms glow and creating a color depending on the type of gas used.if you want Custom neon signs uk . You can now buy EL wire to make your own neon signs. EL wire is available in a variety of colors and comes with a battery pack. You can easily use your neon sign every night by simply pressing a button.

Neon signs can be hung anywhere you like, including in your home or business. These clever advertising tools light up windows and signage in bars, hotels, motels, and theatres and draw the attention of passersby.

They can be hung in basements, dorm rooms and home bars.

A neon sign can be used to spell your name or a quote. A neon sign may be used to highlight your favorite food, drink or animal. You can make them as simple or as complex as you want. It’s completely customizable and all that matters is your personal taste.

We’ve seen neon signs used at top tourist spots and landmarks around the world, outside of our homes and business windows.

The following are some of the most famous neon signs:

Las Vegas’s Neon Bonneyard

Times Square in New York City

Osaka, Japan’s Dotonbori district

Nashville’s Lower Broadway

Paris’s Moulin Rouge

These are just some examples of global spaces who have harnessed neon signs’ impact on viewers. These neon signs create a lasting impression about our visits to these and other sites, which helps to build vivid memories of the places we have been.

Why not go DIY?

The finished product is often so beautiful, that you might think that making a DIY neon sign is difficult and stressful. You could not be more wrong!

You will need a few tools and clear instructions to make your own neon sign.

You have other options than making your own neon sign. You can either buy a premade neon sign in a shop, or order a custom neon sign made by a specialist craftsman based on your ideas. These options are both great as they give you a neon sign.

There are many reasons to DIY.

It’s easy to create your own neon sign.

You don’t need to use power tools or other personal protection gear, such as goggles. Store-bought neon signs could cost you hundreds of dollars. As with many DIY projects, making your own neon sign can help you save money as you only have to pay for the materials and not the labor.

You can cut out the middleman by doing the work yourself, as we have already mentioned.

It is always more rewarding to create something than to buy it. You get that extra special feeling of accomplishment.

Neon signs are likely to speak to creative people to begin with. A store-bought neon sign might not be enough for that imaginative spirit. You will be eager to make more neon signs after you have completed your first one.

How to make your own neon sign

You can create your own neon sign with just a few hours of planning and the right tools.

Be sure to think about your design before you start gathering your materials.

Remember to write your words in cursive when creating your design. This will ensure that every letter is connected. You can create a multi-piece design, such as an avocado sliced with its pit showing. To make it light up, simply cover the connecting piece with tape.

It takes patience and hard work, but the rewards are amazing. You will have a lasting and beautiful testament to your creativity.


These tools and materials are necessary to make a neon sign.

A pencil and sheets of paper

A spool 16-gauge steel wire (this is the frame for your electroluminescent cable)

5mm EL Wire in your choice of color (15'-20’ length seems to work well with most designs).

Sting and wire cutters

Hot glue gun with backup glue stick


Batteries, whatever type of EL wire battery you require


Your design should be drawn in pencil on a few sheets of paper. It is important to accurately draw your design on a few sheets of paper.

String is the best way to trace your design and determine the required length of wire.

Use the wire cutters to match the length of the string and the wire.

The wire should be bent along the outline of your neon light design. The wire should have the exact design that you want when you are done. You should take your time as this is a critical step before attaching the EL cable.

Use a hot glue gun to attach your neon light to wire. Start at the bottom of the EL cable (the one that connects to the battery pack).

You may need to place the battery pack a few inches from your design, depending on how long your design is. If possible, match the EL wire with the string.

Slowly move from one end to the next, and then use the glue gun to secure them.

You can simply trim excess neon light from the end of your design to make it not illuminate.

Neon Signs for Sale

While making your own neon signs can be very fun, it is not for everyone. Below is a selection of our top-rated neon signs, which you can purchase online.

“Cocktails” neon sign

Neon sign that says “The World is Yours”

Neon sign for coffee cup

Neon sign that says “Get it Done!”

Neon sign for your home bar (with your name added).

Congratulations! You just created your own neon sign. You can create a lighting fixture you will enjoy for many years by following simple steps and using basic materials.

The next step is to decide where to hang it.

You can hang neon signs on smooth walls with a thumbtack, hook or staple. They can also be hung in windows using a suction cup with a hook attached.

You want to choose a location where your neon sign will be most visible. This may be a spot you have planned in advance.

A Food Mood

A neon sign made in the shape or your favorite food is a great way to express your inner foodie.

Your neon sign is a lasting tribute to your love for a particular food. Hanging your sign in the kitchen is a great idea.

The Thirst is Real

Have you ever made a beer or wine bottle? The neon sign is right at home near your bar, or where you keep your glasses and bottles. Your neon sign can be lit up to add a festive touch to your home bar or wherever you keep your glassware.

Elevate to Motivate

Your bedroom or living room is the best place for your neon sign to be hung. The neon sign will look amazing and can inspire you to continue your day. It can be hung in entryways to welcome you and cheer you on as your enter or exit your home.

Accents and Themes

A neon sign can make a great accent piece in your apartment or home, especially when it matches a design theme. If you have a specific color scheme for your room, such as calm blues and greens or sunny yellows with oranges, you can use EL wire in the same colors. Hang your neon sign among other similarly-colored furniture and items.

Make Your Business Shine

You can put your neon sign up on the walls or windows of your shop or restaurant for your customers to see. To add personality and motivation to their work environment, office workers might want to place their sign in their cubicle or personal office.

Give it a gift that is worth giving

Perhaps you are planning to gift your neon sign as a birthday present or to mark a significant milestone. You can keep the thoughtfulness going by packing your neon sign in a gift bag with tissue paper and appropriate size. To get your loved one off to a good start, include batteries and Command hooks.

Make a Neon Sign!

It’s a great way to have fun with your free time and make your own neon signs. You probably know that making your own neon signs is cheaper than buying one from a shop and much easier than you might think.

It is also very easy to find the materials. You can also find the materials at your local craft or hardware store as well as online at Amazon.

You can let your creativity flow and create a sign that speaks to your passions. They look great wherever you hang them.

They have made their way into offices and homes across the country, as well as businesses. They are also a popular choice of color and decorative accent at trendy weddings. They are affordable and can be incorporated into any budget. You cannot beat the uniqueness of a handmade neon sign.

Everyone who loves to be unique takes their living space very seriously. It can be difficult to find unique lighting fixtures at a reasonable price in stores. DIY is always recommended if you don’t need something mass-produced and expensive.



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